Reasons For Undertaking The Project:

To further develop a delivery model and underpinning resources to support the delivery of adult literacy and numeracy within the workplace, examining innovative ways of embedding delivery within Work based Diplomas and Apprenticeship frameworks.  

Intended overall impact:

Increased employer satisfaction with specific numeracy and literacy skills embedded into the training programme.  While not currently measured, this has been highlighted for future surveys.

Empowering employers through on-site mentors to develop training in numeracy and literacy in relevance to their job roles

Enhance employer engagement.  This possibly could be measured in the future with the uptake of train the trainer/mentoring qualifications with our employers identified through impacts on the ONA. 

Highlight the initiation of a new and innovative Mentorship

Increased Progression to higher level qualifications, with the development of formative assessments

Enrich learning programmes for learners ensure the use of holistic and appropriate blended VAK teaching methods

Improve assessors’ confidence to support learners’ literacy and numeracy development.

Objective 1:

Engage with employer to identify their organisational numeracy and literacy needs.

Objective 2:

Train the trainer: The specific organisational needs for numeracy and literacy.

Objective 3:

Develop specific and individual blended learning materials for employer’s requirements.

Objective 4:

Deliver training materials to learners

Objective 5:

Evaluate the distance travelled by learners and assessors and impact on employer.