Mark Dempsey is a Support Services Manager at Calderdale Local Authority.  Mark has been the Mentor and liaison for the College on site delivery of training at Calderdale, Manor Heath Park.  As a Manger at Calderdale Local Authority Mark has played a key role in helping identify the tasks that Apprentices undertake to enable the mapping of literacy, language, numeracy (LLN)and ICT.  Mark has moved forward in his supportive Mentor role by supporting opportunities for the Apprentices to use LLN. 

 Opportunities Mark has ensured:

  • Successfully supported his Apprentices to land Community development projects
  • Worked closely with the Myerscough College Skills for Life tutors to develop learning resources specific to the needs of his Apprentices
  • Provided opportunities for the Apprentices to attend and present at industry seminars and visit industry trade shows
  • Systematically worked with the Apprentices through community projects.
  • Successfully applied and shortlisted the Apprentices into Community Awards

Claire Collins has been the Development Adviser, LSIS Skills for Life Support Programme working closely with the Myerscough team on the project.  Claire has made a substantial contribution in helping the Myerscough team develop the project.  Claire’s advice, interpretation and support has been important through the project to assure quality and maintain the action plan targets were on track


Opportunities Claire has ensured:

  • Development and constructive feedback on the project specification and action plan
  • Open communication, making site visits to meet with project partners and learners where necessary
  • Research and fact-finding support
  • Development and constructive feedback on the arising resources and products


Peter Caney is the Director of Skills at Myerscough College.  Peter recognises the absolute importance of embedding Skills for Life into the Work-based programme along with the importance of employer engagement in the delivery of education and training.  The involvement into this project has been identified by Directorate as a pathway into developing the Myerscough Work-Based delivery model, as well as a building block for future innovative projects.

Opportunities Peter has ensured:

  • Development of the project specification and identifying key partners
  • That team members have the time and resources to develop the motions of the action plan
  • That the relevant employers and forums are fully briefed on the project


Jonathan Knowles is a Training Coordinator at Myerscough College.  Jonathan has coordinated the development of the project from launch event to the dissemination event.  Jonathan has been able to visualise the concept and facilitate the project by building on the Myerscough teams' excellent practices with employer and learner engagement.

"This project is about valuing and recognising the numeracy, literacy and ICT in every working area"

 Opportunities Jonathan has ensured:

  • Developed employer engagement into empowering employers to support training
  • Worked closely with a large employer to identify Skills for Life training needs
  • Supported the development of blended learning resources for the project and wider impacts

Beryl Booker is the Skills for Life Training Coordinator at Myerscough College.  Beryl has worked closely alongside Mark Dempsey in the environment of the Apprentices both at Calderdale and on campus.  Beryl has been able to interpret the vocation of horticulture into seeing the opportunities for LLN.  

“My teaching is about helping learners to be confident enough to achieve a better quality of life

 Opportunities Beryl has ensured:

  • Analysed the Apprentices Learning Styles and Initial Assessed the Apprentices LLN skills prior to enrolment
  • Developed bespoke Skills for Life resources for the Mentor to use with the Apprentices
  • Delivered bespoke training to meet the needs of the employer and engaged in the community projects to ensure success

Andrew Kenworthy is a Work-Based Assessor and Tutor delivering both Skills for Life and Vocational training in Amenity Horticulture.

Andrew has worked closely with the learners, Mark Dempsey and the Beryl Booker to ensure vocational and LLN are blended into the learners programme and Apprenticeship.

Andrew is a College E-Guide, which enables e-learning and e-Assessment into the delivery of training.  Typical blended resources include using the College Virtual Learning Environment - Myerscough Online Learning Network (MOLLnet), e-portfolio, and mobile learning technology.

Opportunities Andrew has ensured:
  • Engaged learners with blended learning 
  • Carried out on-site Assessments across the borough of Calderdale
  • Built strong relations and rapport with a large employer