horticulture.pdf horticulture.pdf
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This leaflet was developed by the Basic Skills Agency as a contextualised short-take on the LLN skills required for a vocation in horticulture.

functional_skills_factsheet.pdf functional_skills_factsheet.pdf
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Ten Things You Need to Know About Functional Skills

News article from the BBC website (august 2007) 'More than half of employers say school leavers often cannot function in the workplace due to a lack of basic maths and literacy, a survey suggests.'

LSIS Trainer Pack for Promoting Active Learning in embedding LLN.

Makingitwork_FINAL.pdf Makingitwork_FINAL.pdf
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This is the LSIS guide of the developments made by Colleges in 2009 in Skills for Life for World Class Skills: Effective Practice Projects, titled 'Making it Work'.  It was important to research the experiences of the past projects.

Learning Styles 'posters'.zip Learning Styles 'posters'.zip
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A selection of Learning Styles posters, this with the development of the interactive VAK assessment.

The Coal Chute Project.pdf The Coal Chute Project.pdf
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This document was developed by Calderdale Council as planning notes for the development of the Coal Chutes Project.

Learner_questionnaire.pdf Learner_questionnaire.pdf
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Questionnaire used at the formative stages of the project to ascertain learners experiences of LLN.

The University of Wolverhampton have developed a website regarding mentoring.  This was found in the latter stages of the project.